Wedding Photography Don’ts For The Bride & Groom 

If you are getting married, plan on getting married or even dream of tying the knot, you must have already dreamed of all the pictures you are going to get on your big day. Let’s face it together, whenever we see any couple pictures or attend a wedding, we imagine ourselves into the situation. We all wonder on the poses we will pull off as the new husband and wife, and what kind of couple portraits would we want from the event. It is natural, because wedding photos are something you will be seeing throughout your life as a pleasant memory of your big day. This is the reason, we all want the pictures to turn out perfect, so we don’t have to repent later or sulk over the bad photography. Having said that, not just the photographer, but there are a few things that the brides and grooms must consider not doing. Here are a few major wedding photography don’ts, we expect you to follow whenever you get married. 

Don’t Hire An Amateur: 

It goes without saying that if you want your wedding pictures to make people ask you where you got them done from, you need a person who can catch them perfect. What it means is that while your friend might be an Insta photographer, he or she cannot cover a wedding. So, if you were thinking of saving up a few bucks here, think again. Because, if you opt for an amateur, you know you are going to regret the decision, once you have the pictures at hand. It isn’t mandatory that you go for someone who covers celebrity wedding or does high-profile shoots, but you should choose someone who holds true to your vision and gives you the value of money. The best thing here to do and to sort out your photographer hunting process is to go online and look at the portfolios of the ones who are your inspiration. With the internet, it has become so much easier to take quotes and ask as much questions as you want without setting up meetings after meetings. Look around, find someone whose photography style intrigues you and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Similarly, you can always ask around and consider the wedding photography Hunter Valley whose wedding coverage you have seen and liked. Referrals always go a long way. 

Don’t Over-stress, Over-fret or Over-pose: 

Yes, that’s a lot of over and don’ts come together to tell you the things you must don’t do. If you do, you will be committing the cardinal sin of couple photography and you would neither be able to enjoy the wedding nor the pictures you are going to get later. It is obvious that once you are at your venue, you are going to be the centre of attention of not only the attendees, but the cameras as well. We all aren’t accustomed to being captured by so many cameras, so it becomes a little stressful for the camera-shy brides and grooms. Don’t stress or fret about why the photographers are constantly clicking you from multiple directions and angles. For more of your betterment than theirs, you wouldn’t want to skip documenting some of the important highlights of the day. To overcome this, all you have to do is to be natural and have fun. Just have a little faith in your photographer, he will find out the best shots out of your natural happiness. On the flip side, some brides and grooms are super finicky, and end up over posing. You don’t need to do that either. While some of the planned shots are going to be the best part of your entire album, overdoing them takes away the natural feel of your event. Be yourself, be natural and enjoy! Here again, you need to trust your wedding photography Sydney because he knows how to do his job and get the best shots out of your random, happy moments. 

Don’t Forget Essential Photographs: 

It is one of the biggest dilemmas for the brides and grooms that they must get a picture with the families of the either side, and their friends, etc. In all the fun and drama, you sometimes forget the essential shots that must have been taken. To avoid problems later and to worry about the first looks you missed, coordinate with the photographer in advance. Told him about what pictures will you want when, so he can arrange them at the appropriate time.