Try the Best Australian Sloe Gin with Nicks Wine Merchant

Sloe gin is known to be one of the most popular drinks of Australia. Majority of the people prefer it due to its amazing taste. However, what you might not know is that it also comes with a number of health benefits. Surprising right? All your life you may have heard from different people that how bad liquor is for your health, but in the case of sloe gin, this is not true. It is important to note that everything should be taken in moderation if you want to maximise its health benefits, so the point that you should not overconsume and kind of drink still applies to this regardless of how healthy it is for you. When you explore the history of sloe gin a little, you would come to know that in the past, it was even used as a medicine.  

When you consider that how it is made, it is not surprising that it was used as herbal medicine. Being made from juniper berries, they are known to not only be amazing for your heart, but also provide an array of different health benefits. Moreover, for all the people out there who have always been conscious about their appearance, some studies show that Australian gin may make you look younger as well! Below we are going to explore more shocking health benefits of the Australian gin.  

Low on Calories 

As we mentioned that this liquor is made from juniper berries, so it is only natural that it is also going to be low on calories. This is an amazing news especially for the people who are trying to lose weight. The idea of completely giving up on drinking can be demotivating, and make it difficult for people to do their transformation. When you talk about sloe gin, this theory goes out the window because it contains less than 120 calories per shot! 

Such a small number of calories are not that difficult to add to your day and you can easily get away with a shot or two every now and then. However, as we mentioned above that you do not want to go overboard with it, and you can only maximise its benefits when you are drinking it in moderation. 

Heart Health 

Nowadays many people have been dealing with heart problems, and the main reason for that is they are not able to keep their level of cholesterol low. If you have an increased level of LDL then this is always a red flag, and it often happens that no matter how much people try, they are not able to bring it down. 

Fortunately, juniper berries are heart-friendly and considering how Australian gin is made from, it is good for people who want to improve their heart health. With the help of this liquor, you can lower your level of LDL, so this is another advantage of drinking it in moderation. 

Kidney and Liver disease 

Alcohol is notorious to cause water retention, which in the long run can end up causing liver and kidney damage. This is the reason over consumption of alcohol is not allowed. However, sloe gin does the opposite, and if things were not amazing before, then to add to your knowledge, this liquor can also help you stop water retention! 

Your system can continuously be flushed and you will be able to keep your kidney and liver in a good condition. This is something that not many alcoholic drinks offer, so if you did not switch to Australian gin before, then after learning this, you might want to. 

Juniper berries are known to reduce inflammation, so all the people out there who have been dealing with chronic pain, there is another good news! When you drink suntory whisky in moderation, there is a great chance that it would help you reduce joint pain overtime. So, you might want to switch your preferred drink if you have a history of chronic pain.  

Battle Chronic Pain 

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