Tips For Buying A Gemstone As A Gift

A gemstone is one of the most luxurious gifts you can give to anyone. Gemstones are perfect gifts spouses, partners, or family members on very special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Australia has one of the leading gem markets in the world, so you can buy almost any type of precious stone you like here, particularly opals. If you are thinking about impressing your gift recipient, here are several tips for buying gemstones to keep in mind: 

Make Sure You are Buying a Natural Stone  

These days you can buy natural, imitation or synthetic gemstones. Imitation or synthetic gemstones are made by people, while natural gems are the real deal mined from the earth. Only natural gemstones are highly valued. Imitation gems are made from cheap material made to look like a natural gem. Synthetic gemstones are made in labs designed to look and sometimes have similar physical properties as natural gems. Imitation or synthetic gemstones may look just like natural gems, but these do not carry the same value. Therefore, when buying, make sure you are paying a hefty sum for a natural gem. Purchase gemstones from well-known merchants like The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection so you know you are buying a real high-value precious stone.  

Buy Precious Stones Mined in Australia 

Natural gemstones have to be mined from the deepest depths of the earth. Not all of these mining operations are ethical. Some gemstones are mined in conflict zones or in poverty-stricken areas using forced labour. When you buy unethically mined gemstones like blood diamonds, you are inadvertently contributing to the continuation of these operations. That’s probably not what you have in mind as a precious stone buyer. Therefore, if possible, buy gemstones mined in Australia. Only precious stones mined in Australia and Canada are known to be fully ethical. If you are buying a gemstone mined elsewhere, ask for a certificate or a claim ensuring that it was mined ethically. For diamonds, you can ask for a Kimberly certificate to make sure the stone is conflict-free.  

Match Colour to Skin Tone  

The colour of the gemstone not only determines its price, it can also determine the aesthetic value to the gift receiver. Buy a gemstone that matches the recipient’s skin tone so he or she can wear it beautifully and comfortably.  

Know the Type of Gem It Is 

Gemstones have well-known names like sapphires, jade, or quartz. However, some names are made up by enterprising jewellers to mislead buyers. For example, if you are ever presented “Brazilian sapphires”, know that the stones you are buying are actually blue tourmaline. Dubious sellers may rebrand low-value precious stones with high-value names to get people to pay more. Therefore, make sure you clarify the name of the stone before you buy it. Name confusion an also occur with different types of the same gemstone. For example, Australian opals come in various types and thus also varies in value. For example, Southern Australian white opals are not as priced as the rare Lightning Ridge black opals. It’s important to know what type of precious stone you are buying to understand what type of price tag is justified. 

It’s very important to buy real gemstones from reputed sellers. Read up about the type of stone you want to buy to make a good purchase.