Stylish Ideas For Your Next Conference  

Most of us have to attend conference and seminars from time to time. Sometimes they can feel tedious and like a massive waste of time and sometimes they’re inspiring and make you want share and implement what you’ve learnt. Here are a few ideas to make sure your conference is the latter.   

Picking the right venue is key when it comes to planning your conference. Location is key – make sure your venue is centrally located in a main business district like some of the great function rooms in AdelaideIt’s a lot easier to show up to a function refreshed and ready to work if you haven’t had to travel for hours just to get there.    

Some venues offer planning assistance for conferences held at their premises. Hotels like Hotel Richmond are a great option for a conference as they already have all the necessary infrastructure to keep your guests comfortable. You can find them here 

Communication is key during the planning stages. Make sure the basics are all clearly communicated in the invitation, like the date, time and venue. Sending out event reminders with your contact details will also help your event stay current in the minds of your guests allow then to easily contact you should they need to on the day.     

Also check that your venue as a few rooms of different sizes, as sometimes a few unexpected guests might show up. Most people store their documents on cloud drives these days, so make sure the venue has stable wifi that’s easily accessible in the function room you will be using. Also make sure the wifi password is visible either on a notice board in the room or on place cards or complimentary notepads.  

Before the day of your conference be sure to test the other essential features in your venue. Make sure the projectors, screens and microphones are all in good working order and that the venue has replacements in case anything goes wrong on the day.  

Make the comfort of your guests a priority and ensure the room as air conditioning and comfortable seating and adjustable lighting so there is no strain on the eyes. Also check that the is either a restroom relatively close by your function room.  

While some venues do not allow food or beverages inside their conference rooms, some happily provide snacks like fruit plates, finger sandwiches, coffee and tea and as part of their package and allow it to be taken inside the conference rooms.  

Unless your conference is only an hour or two, you will probably have to provide a meal. Here again, hotels are great options as they most like have an on-site restaurant or at least the capacity to cater meals for a large group. Be sure to check the dietary requirements of your guests and inform the venue so that they can make arrangements accordingly.  

Another reason why hotels make good options for conference venues is that they will be able to accommodation to guest that need an overnight stay. Some venues even offer a discounted rate to conference attendees so be sure to enquire.