Jewellery Boxes, & How To Choose Them? 

When most of the people think about jewelry, they think about delicate boxes with intricate detailing and style that leaves everyone in awe of them. Obviously, jewelry is a girl’s best friend. No matter what our personal style is, and no matter what sort of clothes are in trend, jewelry never goes out of fashion. Having said that, we all have a personal collection of real or fake jewels to keep our wardrobe and style in a statement. However, the dilemma arises when we have nothing to store them in. First things first, please keep in mind that jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be stored in boxes that exude aura and elegance. We all want boxes that are presentable, but choosing a jewelry box solely on the looks can sometimes be a hazard for your jewels. What this means is that if your box is impractical, then your precious items could just get tangled, damaged or worse rendered completely useless. Don’t worry, a girl has to own some jewelry, and she has to have something beautiful to store it in. We feel you there! So, take a breath and relax, because today we have decided to help you out here. Let’s take a look at different factors you should consider before opting for a jewelry box that’s going to make it to your dressing table.  

There is a huge range of gorgeous metal and enamel jewelry boxes available out there. However, keep in mind that, if you want your items to be safe and sound, a wooden jewelry box is the best option. If you choose a well-treated wooden box, it will prevent the moisture from building up, and will provide insulation for your jewelry as well. If you are thinking that wood is too old-school for, let us tell you there are lovely red oak, ebony, pale poplar and pine wooden boxes easily available for your collection. You just have to choose a modern jewelry box fitting your needs, and you will be done. Wood in itself has a deep and rich colour with a lovely natural finish that you wouldn’t want any extra embellishment or adornment to it. Believe us, buying a wooden box for your jewels is the best choice that you can ever make.  

Next factor would be to consider your jewelry collection. Take a quick inventory, and see how many pieces of jewelry you own. Do categorize all the pieces, and see how many necklaces, bracelets or rings do you have? Once you are done, you will have a clear picture of your collection that will help you make a decision on how it should be stored? For example, if you mostly own bracelets, consider a box that has a lot of drawers in it. If you have a lot of rings, opt for a box that has different slots for small-items storage. Similarly, if you have an impressive collection of necklaces, you will be needing a storage box that has a plenty of space to hang necklaces. Just remember that one of the main purposes of having a jewelry box, and your decision to buy one is to not only store your jewelry but to protect it from damaging and getting tangled as one. If you remember this, it will be easy for you to make a right decision. 

At times, people opt for jewelry boxes whenever they want it to be kept secured from any external intrusion. In such cases, we suggest you store a box at either a temperature-controlled safe in your home or in a safe deposit box in a bank. On the flip side, if you just want to protect your jewelry from your children, this factor is for you. Primarily, we are including this, because we want you all to consider it, regardless of you have children or not. Ensure that whichever box you are buying has a simple lock to it. They will not only help protect your jewelry from meddling hands, but also from breakage and spillage from the accidental dropouts.  

Do consider the design of your box as well. If you are going to keep it on your dressing table, it must have a design and theme that matches the style of your home. Whatever theme you have chosen for decorating your home, should also reflect on the style of your box as well. In the end, we know that you love your jewelry a lot (sometimes more than your life), so make sure that you choose a box that protects it for lifetime.