Brief History and Eminence of The Australian Fabric Industry!

The textile industry refers to as a pivot of all the industry. The textile is substantially eminent from birth to death. The textile is co-ordinately important in the food industry, construction material, transportation, health industry, protective textile, recreational products, and miscellaneous textile products. Every country is renowned for one of the sub-branch of the textile industry. Australia is also renowned for its textile industry.  

History of Australian Art 

Australia is explored by the Europeans. It is a small continent with large content. Australia acclaim for aboriginal art that comprises geometrical style, concentric circles, and simple figurative style. Art is related to spirituality. The people were paint subjects with earthy colours. The ochre is also used to paint their own body for some ceremonial event.  

Textile Industry 

Australia is, mainly concerned with fashion. Due to the availability of natural dyes on the islands, diversification in animal, and plant fibre, it proffers a raw material to the countries. It exports wool as raw material, thus renowned for preparing leather jackets, and boots. Australian women mostly wear the Australiana print fabric. Oilskin raincoats are also manufactured in wet weather.  

Australiana print fabric 

Australiana print fabric is mostly done on the natural fibre, the cotton. The cotton fibre is more pleasing to wear during the summer season as it proffers the cooling effect, and excellent moisture absorbent. Australiana print fabric manipulates the cotton voile, cotton drill, cotton linen, and linen deluxe as the basis to print it. It is equally suitable for the fashion industry, crafting, decoration task, and baby garments.  

Diversification in Australiana print fabric: 

  • Mona New 

The natural cotton Australiana print fabric is prepared with 100% cotton, and 50% of recycled fibre. It proffers the canvas weave appearance that suits the cushion covers, zipper pouches, tea towels, beach bags, and jackets. The width of the printed cotton is 150 cm.  

  • Romance Rayon fabric 

This is 100% rayon. It has a smooth satin weave. It is highly recommended in the fashion industry. The women’s blouses, sarongs, scarves, and pocket squares are mostly designed in romance rayon. It has a white base that raises the printed colours. This Australiana print fabric has 140 cm in width. 

  • Australiana Ashton fabric 

It is the most common Australiana print fabric renown for summer garments. This is light weighted, 100% cotton jersey, substantially suitable as a baby fabric. The pyjama, scarves, and bandana are most popular among Ashton fabric. The width of this Australiana print fabric has 150 cm width.  

  • Cotton linen 

The cotton-linen has a white base and dark printed flowers raise the value. This Australiana print fabric is equally suitable for wearing or making cushion covers, and a variety of banners. It has a width of 140 cm. 

  • Cotton Poplin 

This Australiana print fabric is also pure cotton. This is mostly used in dressing by making skirts, shirts, and dresses. It is more suitable for baby wear, making napkins, and pillowcases. It has also width of 140 cm. 

Baby fabrics online 

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