All You Need To Know About Lip Filler Treatments.

Introduction to Lip Fillers 

Lips play an important role in the overall facial features and this is the reason that people from all periods of history, have associated the beauty and youth with the shape and size of the lips. While the standards changed over time, they have been an important part of facial features and thus, different materials have been used to enhance their appearance. This varied from changing shape to changing their size. Surgeons have tried different materials for lips augmentation such as silicon and paraffin, but nothing lead to success. Except for the fillers dermatologists use today. These filers contain hyaluronic acids like Restylane and Juvederm. These fillers are used for lip augmentation which is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that improves the appearance of the lips through enlargement.  

Different types of fillers are used for different results. The details of the types will be discussed in the next section. The selection of the right filler material for the treatment is a decision that your dermatologist has to make, based on your requirements and your skin type.  

Different Types of Lip Fillers 

There are three types of Lip Fillers Perth available. They are defined by their composition and more importantly, their effects. For example, the first type Restylane is a hyaluronic acid and it is great for retaining moisture. It has high viscosity and elasticity which makes it ideal for the lift required for the lips. The high viscosity helps the lips maintain the new shape. The effects last about 7-8 months. The Juvederm Ultra, on the other hand, gives a softer look and lasts 2-3 months longer than Restylane. Lastly, Juvederm Volbella contains the lowest concentration of hyaluronic acid. It lasts longer than the other two fillers and also gives more natural look than the other two.  

How it works? 

Lip filler treatment is a quick medical procedure that requires only a few minutes to perform. Whichever technique may be used, it follows the same basic steps and within few minutes, the patient can go home or office to continue work. It starts with an anaesthetic injection that numbs the lips. This is similar to the anaesthetic that the dentist uses to numb the gums before treatment. After sufficient numbness has been achieved, the dermatologist injects the filler into the lips through very fine injection needles. Once the defined amount of filler has been injected, ice may be used to numb the area to avoid any discomfort. A little swelling may be felt right after the treatment.  

Following the treatment, the person can resume their activities but certain guidelines need to be followed to avoid any unpleasant side effect. These include, avoiding any usage of makeup the following day. Also, no excessive physical activity is to be performed. These precautions are only for the day of the treatment or the following day at max.   

Possible Side effects 

Lips filler treatment is a safe and quick method of improving the appearance of the lips. It is a non-surgical treatment that poses no serious risks and side-effects. Provided that the hygienic tools are used and instructions are followed after the treatment, lip augmentation will not result in any kind of side effect. One may however feel slight swelling and mild bruising after the treatment. Redness can also be seen near the treated area, but none of these side-effects are worth worrying about. The lips will feel and appear perfectly normal the next day. However, a dermatologist must be contacted as soon as any prolonged swelling is felt or any infection appears near the lips.  

Cost of the treatment 

Lip augmentation can be a little heavy on your pocket due to the convenience and safety it offers. It is the perfect method of enhancing your facial features without any collateral damage. The exact price will depend on three main factors. Firstly, it’s the type of filler being used. You should have a thorough discussion on the type of filler that will be used. Secondly, it depends on the qualification and experience of the doctor. A doctor high in demand will be charging significantly more than a less experienced one. Lastly, it depends on where you live. In Perth, lip augmentation treatment costs about $600.