Should Outdoor Furniture Be Sheltered?

We would be able to sit outdoors if we lived in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t always sunny, therefore our outdoor furniture is subjected to varying degrees of exposure depending on where you reside. When their outdoor furniture isn’t in use, many people ask if they should cover it. This question has been studied in order to provide you with a response. 

Covering your outdoor furniture when you aren’t using it as much in the winter is often a smart idea. If bad weather is predicted at any time of year, you may want to cover less robust outdoor furniture. 

The best approach to safeguard your furniture and extend its life is to cover it. Is it necessary to cover all types of furniture, and if so, when should it be done? To find out more, keep reading. 

If your furniture has cushions, they are much more susceptible to damage than the furniture itself. Cushions have a fabric outer layer and a foam, cotton, or other filling material interior layer. If exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the fabric may fade. Mildew can form on the filler material if it becomes damp. 

Patio furniture and cushions may be expensive, so you want them to last. Covering your furniture is the greatest method to extend its life and avoid having to replace it every few years. 

Is It Necessary To Cover Outdoor Furniture? 

Everyone has their own tastes in outdoor furniture. Some folks who don’t care for a certain design opt for less expensive alternatives such as plastic. Others prefer to spend more money on patio furniture due to its attractive appearance. Finally, because of its endurance, some individuals choose aluminium furniture. You want to get a lot of usage out of it, regardless of whatever type you choose. To extend the life of your outdoor furniture, you must learn how to maintain and care for it properly. We’ll take a look at some typical outdoor furniture materials and explain how they might be damaged so you can see why you should cover them and why you should consider protection outdoor furniture


Plastic furniture may fracture and shatter in both hot and cold temperatures. You clearly don’t want to wrap and uncover plastic furniture every moment you use it if you prefer to sit outside every day throughout the summer. However, if you just sit outside once or occasionally a week during the summer, you might want to try covering plastic furniture while it is not in use. 

During the winter months, keep your plastic furniture covered so it doesn’t get too cold. Plastic furniture is unaffected by rain, so you may leave it outside in the spring and fall. However, due to its lighter weight, plastic furniture may easily be blown around in severe winds. Plastic should be covered with a strong cover. 


Natural and synthetic wicker are the two forms of wicker furniture. Its durability is determined on the kind you have. Rain, dampness, and the sun are more likely to cause harm to natural wicker. Weather and UV protection are generally provided by a coating on synthetic wicker. Natural wicker furniture may be costly, and because it is easily destroyed, it is best to cover it while not in use for an extended period of time. Regardless of the season, this is true. Synthetic wicker is much more resilient, and because it is UV-protected, it is rarely needed to be covered in the summer. Even if it’s coated, you should cover it in the winter to prevent snow or ice from weighing it down and splintering the wicker. 


Wood furniture, such as wicker furniture, can decay if left unprotected and exposed to rain often in the spring and fall. During the winter, water might freeze and shatter the wood. The easiest approach to prevent this from happening is to use a wood sealer and cover the furniture throughout torrential rainfall and in the winter. 

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