Services provided by dentists in Chatswood

There is no argument about the fact that the field of medicine is considered as one of the most respected and appreciated field among all others. The reason for this appreciation is that they are the group of people who work tirelessly and selflessly to save other beings. The field of medicine runs by the combined effort of different groups of people, these groups of people may vary from doctors to nurses and from pharmacologists to pharmacists. Each category is further divided into various branches for instance; cardiologist, neurologists, gynaecologists are some such branches of doctors or specialists. Dentist or dental surgeon also comes under the category of a doctor or a surgeon, his forte is oral area including teeth, jaws and gum. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a good dentist is the reason behind a good smile. We will be discussing about the services provided by dentists in Chatswood. 


Dentist is the doctor or medical surgeon who has qualified bachelors of dental surgery. He has the experience to operate the oral conditions, diseases, deformities or disorders. Dentist is qualified enough to cure and treat your teeth set, you jaws and gums. Dentist or a dental surgeon has the grip over the branch of dentistry. People in lighter mood say that dentist is the person who has the personalities of three individuals which are of doctor, engineer and an artist. The reason for this saying is that he is the doctor because he knows to cure and treat the important body part; he is an engineer because he can construct or deconstruct your teeth set and he is an artist because he can improve the look of your oral portion.  

Difference between dental hygienist and dental surgeon: 

Most of the people confuse dental hygienist with a dental surgeon but they are two different professionals. Even though the job of both dental surgeon and dental hygienist is concerned with teeth but dental hygienist only deals with the cleansing of the teeth whereas a dental surgeon supervises everything. It is the dental surgeon who directs the dental hygienist and it is the dental surgeon who knows about different oral conditions. 

Services provided by a dentist: 

There is multiple numbers of services that are provided by dentists. Besides treating the basic dental cavities and tooth decay problem, dentist also offers his service of dental implants in Chatswood. This is the procedure in which the dental prosthetic is placed on the empty area of the gum or jaw. Cosmetic dentistry is another branch of dentistry which is dealt by a dentist. In this branch, a dentist provides the service of teeth whitening, teeth aligning and other such services in which the look of your teeth is improved. Root canal therapy is one of the most common services that are provided by dentists. In this process, the contaminated pulp of the tooth is treated whereas the rest of the tooth which is uninfected is protected by the use of dental bridge or crown.  

Dental surgeon or dentist also offers the service of wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom tooth gives lot of pain to a person which is why it is removed instantly. The procedure of wisdom tooth removal is longer and slightly different from the removal of any other tooth because wisdom tooth is impregnated deep into the gums. Dental care is also provided by the dentists. If we are talking about dental care then how can we forget children? Children dental care is the most common service provided by the dentists. It is given in friendly manner so that children would not be scared of visiting their doctor. 


A good dentist is the reason of the good smile for many people. It is the dentist who takes the complete care of your oral conditions.  Every condition, disease, disorder or deformity which is related to teeth, gums or jaws is treated by a dental surgeon or a dentist. Dentist is the doctor who has qualified in curing and treating the mouth or more specifically oral related conditions. “Sydney smiles dental” is considered as one of the best dental places where the most professional dentists in Chatswood provide their services.