How to Make Paper Gift Bags with Cherry Blossom LED Lights 

Gifts are a symbol of love or token for appreciation. Despite all the notions and philosophies as to why people give gifts to others, we are certain about one thing – it softens hearts and keeps people in good books.  

Cards with presents in a paper gift bags are the best example of making someone’s day. But the really unique ones with exceptional effort and creativity are firstly hard to get, and secondly very expensive. Keeping these points, we have helped you out to make your own paper bags and add cherry blossoms with LED lights to make it fancier.  

Step by Step Procedure to Making a Paper Gift Bag: 

Steps below if followed the way they are mentioned are going to be of great help in making a paper gift bag. You are bound to count on your creativity and believe in yourself before starting the procedure.  

Step 1: Selection of Material: 

First of all, you need to decide what you want to work with. Papers are of various kinds; textures, colours, price range, flexibility, and comfort. If you are a newbie in this process, then we would recommend you to go with wrapping sheets (those which are used in wrapping gifts). Don’t pick very hard material though.  

Then, cut it according to the size of the bag you need. For example, it is a box of chocolates and a pack of candies that you want to gift. The size shouldn’t be more than three inches extra of the actual size of the packet or box.  

Step 2: Decoration:  

Adding colours to the plain sheet will do wonders. Simply take out all your colour pencils, markers, and paints. Go wild or subtle according to the need and demand. You can even make a stencil and paint onto the wrapping sheet. Using glue for sticking designs made for the paper bag would be a nice idea too.  

Step 3: Seaming:  

This is a bit tricky step. Straighten the wrapping sheet after the paint is dried. Then, lay it down on the landscape form. Remember, the decorated side should face up. Turn the top side and bring it down to a few inches (not more than 3 inches).  

Step 4:  Flipping and Folding: 

Now, flip the wrapping sheet and ensure that the top edge of the paper. Next, make a tube by the help of narrowing edges from the centre to the sideways. This will, however, make an oval-shaped gift bag.  

Step 5: Add Ribbon: 

Make holes in the centre of the bag with 7 inches gap. This has to be done on both sides of the paper. Also, using glue inside the bag will not allow you to put the gift inside. So, better not do that! Then pierce through lace or a ribbon so that it can work as a holder.  

Adding Cherry Blossom LED Lights: 

Well, if you find it difficult to follow instructions or are unable to make your own gift bag, then simply get it from paper gift bags Australia online stores. They are readily available.  

Things you will need for making LED cherry blossoms are listed below: 

  • Pink, yellow, and white coloured tissue papers  
  • Pliers  
  • Brown coloured wrapping the tape 
  • Adhesive – craft glue  
  • A branch from the tree  
  • Ties for attaching tissue flowers  
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Battery operated LED lights, preferably white in colour 

Step 1: Arranging LED Lights: 

Arrange lights on the custom packaging Australia. Make sure that the lights are spread evenly all around the gift bag. Use glue for the complete and proper fixture.  

Step 2: Make Flowers out of Tissues: 

Take yellow, white, and pink coloured tissue papers. Fold them in half and then in the quarter. With the help of scissors, make a very small hole in the middle, the point. Pierce it through LED light.  

Step 3: Wrapping: 

Yes, you need to wrap it too. So, use brown tape for that and adhesive to stick onto the lights on the paper bag again. 

Conclusion – Last Verdict:  

In short, you need to be more innovative with ideas to make the best bag with a unique style. This was just a head start to let you know how things could be done. Adding switch to the LED lights will glow it up so don’t forget to tell the person you are gifting that it has more to the chocolates and candies.