Horse Floats, Are They Worth It?

Horse floats are carriers used to transport horses from one place to another. The floats are attached to the back of an SUV or a truck. The floats come in different shapes and sizes, addressing the different needs of horse owners. You may choose to buy something as simple as a straight float, or something as luxurious as a 2 horse angle load float with living options. 

In this article we will be doing a detailed review on horse floats, why do you need a horse float, what are its types and which type may suit your needs, where can you find horse floats for sale, if horse floats are expensive and how much budget should you keep in mind, and are the horse floats worth buying. 

Why Horse Floats? 

Horse floats are an extension to your vehicle used to transport horses. The travel may include a visit to the vet, a horse race, or maybe you would like to take your horse or horses camping to spend a good time together.  

To answer the question, of why horse floats, they are durable and usually made from aluminium and fibreglass so the horse float is strong and doesn’t rust. The prime purpose of a horse float sure is of a transportation vehicle but the focus is also on how comfortable your horse is throughout the trip. 

Straight Floats 

Straight floats are a type of horse floats that may be considered the standard version. They are a good option specially if you plan to take your horse on a short trip. The straight float has safety options, built to ensure that your horse float, and the horse both are safe.  

They usually come with a divider in between if the straight float is a variant that can adjust two horses. There are paddings on the wall of a straight float to make sure that the horse doesn’t hurt itself in case it panics on sharp turns.  

Angled Floats 

An angled float is a modified version of a horse float, the design has its origins in the United States, but it has gained a huge popularity among the glampers in Australia. Angled floats are designed to ensure that the horse feels comfortable and does not get distressed during the journey, as horses are very susceptible to losing their balance if you are taking a turn. 

Angled floats come in different sizes, designed to adjust more horses, and it has luxury options as well, so an angled float can be huge, something like a 2 horse angle load float with living can carry two standard 16HH horses very comfortably and also has options for one or more persons to sleep, eat and rest, with luxury options like showers, fridges, air conditioning, microwave ovens and a small bed to crash. 

Where to buy Horse floats? 

There are a lot of options available in Australia to buy locally produced horse floats, as importing a horse float is usually very expensive and is not worth the money when you have better options available that have horse floats for sale, locally.  

A simple search over the web can list down tons of options that you can go through but it is highly recommended that you go for the most trusted service providers that come with great credibility and an ever-growing clientele. 

Are Horse Floats expensive? 

Due to the fact that horse floats come in so many different types and the products are highly diverse with luxury options as well, like living, the price range is huge and the prices vary a lot depending on the type you decide to purchase. 

The range varies somewhere from $18,000-$70,000, ranging from the very basic variants to the most luxurious ones like a 2 horse angle load float with living. There are also customization options available the prices can vary in this regard as well, for example, you can ask the manufacturer to add some extra features like music, storage or a barbeque. 

Final verdict: Worth buying? 

If you are a horse owner and you love travelling and would love to take your horse for a ride, it is highly advisable that you look for horse floats for sale and get yourself and your horse a horse float so you can be assured about your horse’s safety. So, a horse float is definitely worth buying.