Hire the best Shipping Container Specialists!

On the world map Australia is one of the most important countries considering its shipping trade. The shipping trade of Australia is very complex and diverse. There are approximately 70 Australian ports and they exchange cargo of huge A$190 Billion per year. The country is doing 99% of its trade by ships and going through the basics of shipping you just can’t ignore the importance of containers as they bring heavy and light materials to the manufacturing facilities around the world. 

Containerco.com.au is one of Australia’s biggest container selling website and is famous because of the quality of manufacturing and professionalism of the crew. They make sure that they work really hard just to give customers the best thing according to their needs inside their budget. Some companies use other ways to sale their goods as they have their own new shipping container price, trucks and containers and that things can distinguish it from other container selling companies. Container.co provide a vast range of new and used containers and they send you the best quality stuff to wherever you are in Australia. 

Container Types:  

Container.co is dealing in 9 types of containers according to customer’s need which are given below:  

  1. Dry Container 
  2. Refrigerated Container 
  3. Dangerous Goods 
  4. Door at both Ends 
  5. Fully open Side 
  6. Fully open Side Both Sides 
  7. Open Top 
  8. Flat Rack 
  9. Bulk Container 
  10. Container Sizes 

Not only different types they also come up with the different sizes so everyone with any budget and any need can consider them. Some different sizes of refrigerated containers for sale are mentioned down: 

  • 40′ High Cube 
  • 20′ High Cube Pallet wide 
  • 10′ High Cube 
  • 40′ Standard Container 

And many more in sizes. One more thing which makes it more prominent is that you can’t only buy them but you can hire them also just to fulfil your needs and return them safely. 

Container Modification: 

Container.co always take care about your needs and this website has another salient feature that you can even modify your containers like if you are buying a container for your company or trading then you can modify it however you want it to be and that too inside the retail price. These modification covers different aspects such as: 

  • Electrical: Electrical wirings and connections are very important for the modification as you need some lightning inside container according to your company designs of containers for sale, such modification will cover all the fit outs internally and externally. 
  • Whirlybirds: Whirlybirds are common they can be used to create vacuum and you can have them installed for the ventilation inside the container. 
  • Fresh Paint: Anything in the world needs some attention and you cannot get attention without making it look beautiful and you can modify your container by giving it a new look and fresh paint that will make the container more attractive and beautiful plus if you have some special company colours then you will be helped out in that case too. 
  • Sign Writings: Every company has its own slogans and signs to make your container prominent you can get your own logos and brand signs on it too. 
  • Air Vents: A container is usually very congested and close so there must be some ventilation and if you need some extra ventilation you can order them to install extra vents too. 
  • Lock Box: As containers are used to bring expensive and precious goods so you need extra security too so if you need extra security for your goods you can get extra lock box installed too. 
  • Windows: With the extra vents you need some openings too so for that you don’t to worry about as you can just ask them to install windows according to your specifications. 
  • Doors: For some personal access you can have rolling doors installed that will ease the process by half for sure. 
  • Solar fan Ventilation: As you need a fan for ventilation that can work in all seasons and every environment so solar fan can be the best option for that and you can have it too inside modification category. 

Container Transport 

If we come to the most important thing that is the delivery as if you are not able to come to company and you are anywhere in Australia then you have to take services of their delivery department and they have some unique ways according to the delivery location.