Different types of leather shoe care products

Are you tired of your leather shoes and bags getting cracked and losing their dye? If so; then you do not need to worry anymore because now we have such leather care products that can help in retaining the original texture of your expensive leather shoes. Leather is made with two different processes; one is the synthetic process and other is the non-synthetic process. The non-synthetic process of leather making involves the processing of cowhide and other such animal skin.  The synthetic way of making leather is by the combination of wax, dye and plastic. There are many different products that are made up of leather; these products might vary from leather garments to leather shoes and from leather bags to leather wallets.  In this article; we will be discussing about the different types of leather shoe care products. We will also be talking about the leather insoles for sale

Leather and leather made products: 

Leather products are considered as one of the most expensive products especially the ones which are made with the real animal skin including the cowhide, alligator sin, etc. Besides these; there are the synthetic leather products as well which are made with the processing of plastic and wax with the addition of desired dye. The synthetic leather products are comparatively cheaper than the non-synthetic ones. Leather jackets, leather pants, leather bags, leather stripes of watches and leather shoes are some of the leather made products. 

How leather can get damaged?  

The dirt and oil particles get trapped in the pores of the leather which ultimately causes the leather to crack. These irritant particles break down the colour of your leather product and eventually cause a crack in it. The harsh products made up of strong chemicals can affect the leather adversely. In addition to that; the use of detergent and regular soap for the maintenance of leather products can damage the leather instead of cleaning it. 

Different types of leather shoe care products: 

As leather shoes are quite expensive so people definitely don’t want them to get damaged. This is why special leather care products have been introduced. These products maintain the texture of the leather and also help in the sustenance of the dye/colour of the leather. These care products include the waterproofing items varying from leather gel to special wax and from organic protect to water stop reloaded. Then there are leather cleaning products which include carbon odour cleaning, leather soap and organic bamboo lotion. Care and condition products are also available including supreme deluxe, sneaker white and wax polish. Laces, brushes and accessories are other such categories of leather shoe care products.   

Steps to take care of your leather care products: 

It involves three main steps to protect your leather care shoes, bags or watch stripes. The first step is waterproofing and protection in which such products are applied on the leather item that they become resistant to water and other liquid substance. The second step is of cleaning in which the cleaning products are applied to remove any kind of a stain off the leather. Third step is of care and condition. The step of care and conditioning involves the application of such care products that give the ultimate shine to the leather items. Brushing can be considered as the last step of cleaning the leather care products. 

Leather insoles for sale: 

Leather insoles are the soles that are put inside the shoes to keep the feet warm. Moreover; they also keep your foot in a comfortable position. 


The craze of using leather made products have been there since always especially the leather shoes and leather bags are adored by people. However; leather can easily get damaged, cracked or can lose it colour if not properly taken care of. This is the reason one must have the leather care products that can protect the leather items from getting cracked and from losing their colour. It involves three main steps to clean any leather items including water proofing, cleaning and conditioning. You can buy best leather shoe care products and leather insoles from “Austra selection”.