Designing a Travel Photography Blog

There has never been a better time than now to launch a blog featuring travel photography. The web world is obsessed with photographs, as the success of Instagram shows. If you are a budding photographer or a traveller, you can share your experiences on your own blog. In the process, you might even be able to make some money through advertising. So if you have your money set on designing a travel photography blog, here are several tips to follow:

Fine a Good Niche

There are countless travel blogs and photography blogs out there. In fact, travel photography may be the most blogged about subject online. If you want to stand out and attract readers, you need to focus on a unique niche. This could be covering an exotic location no one has heard of before. You could try new photography techniques people might be interested in. In any case, choose a niche that the target audience will find appealing enough to come and visit.

Get Your Own URL

Once you know what to blog about, it will be time for domain name registration. There are two ways to get a domain online: free and with payment. Free domains can be obtained through your web host or content management platform. These are only good for starter websites that you don’t intend for professional use. If you want your own domain name, you have to buy it from a domain name registrar. Costs won’t be higher than $40, depending on the domain and the renewal period. You will have full copyright to your own URL, get a good Web Hosting Plan to make appeal to your customers.

Use a Photography Layout

Once you have registered your own domain name, it’s time to get to design the blog. There’s hardly a better CMS than WordPress for your blog. You will have to choose a theme that is free or pay a premium price. In any case, be ready to customise the new layout so your blog looks unique. It’s important to keep in mind that you will be featuring a lot of photographs. Images can make sites bulky. So compress all the images you upload to make sure page speed remains at a desirable level. In addition, don’t forget to use a mobile friendly layout.

Copyright Your Images

Add a watermark or brand the photographs you show on your blog to protect them from thieves. You must hold full copyright to all the pictures you post. That means you should only publish photographs you take yourself. Be careful when publishing images owned by others. You could end up with a copyright lawsuit.

Feature Photographs on Social Media

Want more attention for your blog? Then it’s time to use Instagram to promote your photos. Social media can drive traffic from around the web to your website. A hot Instagram account usually translates into a successful business venture. You can use a site like Facebook as well. Your blog will not become popular on its own. You need to give it a boost with social medial platforms.

Have an Email or SMS Alert System

Reader loyalty is everything to a blogger. The best way to keep in touch with readers is to have an email or an SMS alert system for the blog. Email subscriptions are a great way to get in touch with readers with notifications for new posts and such. You should design a subscription button when you build the blog.

Use the above suggestions, and you will be able to build a great travel photography blog.