Bird proof solar panels and solar panel mesh for safety purposes

Solar panel systems are common installation in all residences, commercial buildings and industrial localities. These are either installed in roofs or in open space grounds where the area around is enlarged. Most of solar panels get damaged and non-functional because of the dropping materials like the bird’s dropping and eatables around. Thus, extra protection is often demanded for such solar panels to retain them in the functional form as the investment done on it is comparatively very high. Bird proof solar panels are one of the possible and potential solutions where a mesh work is located and the solar panel system along with wiring and cables are present inside it. The solar panel mesh is a sort of wire or steel connection of sheet which is used as covering for solar systems and its associated technical parts as a preventive measure. This is the best devised staged panel system which protects the panels and batteries form bad weather conditions as water seepage and airy conditions cannot significantly affects its functioning.  

Bird proof solar panels for safety protection 

For protection purposes of solar panel systems, many different approaches of shelter have been devised which pose the best effect in grading high level of security to the machinery set-up and functioning of the panels. One of the major problems of birds and other flying animals which usually make panel system as a habitat for stay and rest, create a lot of mess created by dropping and feaces. Thus, bird proof solar panels mechanism is selected to be incorporated in the final structural assembly of the system installation in order to restrict birds placement and dropping over it. This is one is technically referred as solar panel bird exclusion system with coverings available for the panels and batteries. These are present in form of kits containing the essential technical tools for protection.  

Birds proof solar panels consist on special galvanized steel wires and UV stabilized wires in combination to form large sheet like covers which can be placed over the entire solar panel system, batteries, connection points and the wiring too. This type of exclusive idea is much favored because the construction and installation is done in non-invasive manner that it does not allow birds to penetrate into system. Thus, birds proof solar panels preventive measure appear beneficial from bird’s penetration point of view resulting in low maintenance cost and high performance ability.  

Solar panel mesh covering 

The patented solar exclusion mesh is the best network of wires which is placed over the entire system for safety and protection purposes. Solar panel mesh is specially designed in accordance of the size of the system and later installed over the panel space. The most commonly used and sized mesh is about 18 gauges in composition and 1.08mm in diameter. This comprises on elements of galvanized steel, stainless steel and coated wires which are in connectivity together to construct a particular solar panel mesh. This is a sort of roof covering which is applied in order to keep the system functional with high operational capabilities with least affected by the birds, weather conditions, storms and rain.  

Placement of solar panel mesh is a technical way so that non-invasive feature is fulfilled. Set the mesh screen in the accurate place so that the rod of the mesh comes at an angle upward to the panel system. This type of installation favors the pressure downwards on the screen by pushing it towards the roof side. It is up to the client and technician to adjust the mesh screen in other variable size and structures which are feasible for solar panel mesh maintenance and management. Cut the excessive part of the mesh to make the set-up loo nice and clean from all edges in the solar panel array.  


Bird proof solar panels are needed to protect the structure, assembly, individual and complete machinery performance from bird’s droppings and their feaces. This can be done by installation of solar panel mesh which is complex screen sheet of galvanized steel wires placed over the entire system, ensuring safety of it.