Amazing Traffic Control Equipment

Shore hire is a well-known Australian good supplying company which is serving its increasing number of clients with high-quality propping, shoring and traffic equipment all over Australia for construction means. The products are efficiently designed with high durability to provide the best to the construction companies. We deliver you the product that fully meets your business requirements along with legal advice by our well- trained and highly professional staff. No other company is strong enough to match the standards of the shoring, propping and traffic accessories that we design for you. Our technical and engineering team is always prepared to handle your demands and work accordingly. They are always with you at your site and provide the best consultation. Providing its clients, the foremost construction material, shore hire has become the peerless supply company of Australia. The main aim of this company is to provide the customers a quality product and the trust of their customers is the responsibility of this company and they never let it down. So, don’t wait enjoy our Traffic Control Equipment in Sydney, Fencing Hire. 

Our best traffic control equipment 

Steel road plates 

Steel road plates have a wide application in roads such as in trench crossing and driveways. Shores hire has got a stock of steel road plates. They are the most important part of the development and are used in almost all construction sites. These steal road plates comprise of central lifting devices which ensure safe, secure and easing installation. These devices have replaced manual handling and make the run safe and environment friendly. 

 Trak mats 

Trak mats are simple mats used for vehicles. They are very lightweight and usually used for rubber-tired vehicles. They can easily endure a weight of approx. 30 tons which are thought quite heavy. They are flexible and easy to handle. They don’t absorb water or any other liquid. Trak mats are generally used for: 

1. protect the areas where the grass is present such as garden, parks, playgrounds, etc. 

2. Easy to work on the surface with sand. 

3. Give access to pedestrians 

4. Help to make a temporary roadway 

5. Connect with other track mats using track mat joiners 

6. Provides excellent protection to grounds at sporting events 

 Concrete T-lock barriers: 

These T- lock barriers are simple barriers handcrafted for controlling road traffic, for traffic separation and diversion. Such barriers have interconnecting T-locks, gawk fencing, fork pockets, and end protection. They are rated 80km/hr. 

Traffic control equipment: 

Traffic control is an important constituent of road safety. Traffic control devices include a traffic control system which includes ADA pads, barriers, crosswalks, flashlights, barrier accessories, monitors, controllers, etc. shores hire offers a variety of traffic control goods with impels road safety. We offer equipment for hiring and sale with amazing service. Traffic control equipment under the banner of shores hire include flashing lights, witches’ hat, and traffic control signs, some are discussed below: 

Witches hat: 

It consists of 1 m big foot which easily noticeable. It consists of several non-reflective cones which can only be used during daytime. It is also simple to install and recover. It has so much ease in transportation. 

Temporary signs: 

A number of temporary signs like no parking, walk slow, U-turn, under-construction, walking space, etc. and pedestrian guides and sign are designed for road safety. 

 Aluminum trench box: 

Aluminum trench box is also available. 


It has the following specifications: 

1. Runners: 

a. Knife-edge: 155*43 mm 

b. Flat bottom: 3 m or 4 m 

2. Runners: 

a. Knife-edge: 155*43 mm 

b. Flat bottom: 3m or 4m 

Shores hire is embracing its customer with eligible traffic control equipment in an extremely safe way with a free site visit and assistance and on-time delivery. 

Temporary fencing: 

Shores hire manufactures fencing hire with strong steel welded framework, galvanized i.e. coated with 

a protective layer of zinc. The structure supports the foot of concrete block which enables the system to stand firmly and avoid dissembling. 


Fence panel: strong fence panel gives excellent resistance to weather change. Concrete base: concrete base provides support to the structure and prevents being collapsed. Rubber base: rubber base provides flexibility. 


1. Fence panel: 

Dimensions: 2425*2000 mm 

Weight: 27.5 kg