All the reasons to use Calico bags

Calico is a plain-woven fabric that is made from nearly processed and unbleached cotton fibers; it is rough in nature but less sturdy that other competing fabrics such as denim or canvas. It is also less expensive option as the fabric is unfinished in nature and remains almost raw. It is woven from cotton and considered a completely natural product and often some flecks of the cotton seeds can also be seen in the fabric. The overall look of the fabric is cream in color or a tinted grey which makes it a perfect base to be dyed or printed on. The process is the same as when cotton is made: when the mills receive raw cotton in the form of bales, they firstly pull the fibers to align them and remove any impurities so that they can be smoothed out. The fibers are then spun to increase their strength and then move onto the weaving part of the procedure. Calico is a very versatile fabric and can have various qualities as well such as soft and thin to coarse and strong. Designers mostly use them to mock up a garment before the final fabric so that they can perfect the design. As it is a strong material, it is also used to make calico bags in Australia and aprons as these are items which are used almost daily and need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily routine. Calico is also used to make patchwork quilts and is a popular choice in many craft projects. It is available in solid colors which is ideal for quilting and even when you are using print, you can use the calico fabric as a backdrop. Many people use calico to make curtains as well as the fabric is inexpensive and does not need much ironing due to its coarse nature.  

One of the most popular uses of calico is still making bags and it is used to make bags of all shapes and sizes which are used for general as well as industrial purposes. As there has been a sudden boom in the organic movement, people are more inclined to buy products that help conserve the environment and can also be reused. These bags can be used for grocery shopping, wrapping gifts or to simply carry things from one place to another and then simply store them in a drawer to be used again saving time and money. Calico bags are a very good alternative to plastic bags as they are much more durable and longer lasting and also have the advantage of being environmentally friendly. They can easily be washed and used again and again. Many stored now impose and extra charge for plastic bags and if you bring your own reusable bag then you are saving money on every purchase. Plastic bags are not bio-degradable and use fossil fuels to manufacture as well as ship. By using calico bags, you are reducing the amount of non-renewable resources used and reducing the amount of money used by the community in general to clean up the environment that the plastic bags pollute. You are also able to de-clutter your house as the plastic bags take up a lot of space whereas calico bags only take up a small area in your drawer or cupboard.  

Calico bags are also very popular among retailers as they effectively help in advertising their products, the bags come in a variety of options and you can get buy promotional bags and logos printed on them as well to distribute among customers. They are like a small mobile billboard that markets have your contact number and logo printed on them which helps in attracting customers. There has been a rise in environmental awareness over the last few years and using eco-friendly products helps your business as customers will know that you are one of those companies that is helping conserve the environment. As these bags are sturdy and long lasting, customers are kept satisfied and there are few complaints. They give consumers a wide variety of options and there is something for everybody.