A Washroom is an Area of Peace

It is a common saying that Home Sweet Home. A home does not build with the pillars but it becomes a home when people who live inside are happy and composed with their life. People who we are surrounding play a vital role in having a good lifestyle.  

Likewise, if we have a luxurious house having all the facilities within our range and have a bad condition of the bathroom. Then it is not acceptable. The space of the restroom has to be a piece of heaven. We must feel satisfaction and calmness when we are inside.  

We do not need to have a huge and spacious bathroom. Even a small space can bring peace if utilise the space properly. 


Let us have a look at the must-haves in the premises of the bathroom to always a have good a satisfactory experience.  

  • Shower Heads 

The flush ceiling showers has to be up to the point. We know that it gets clog and disturb the supply of water. We must clean the showerheads monthly to avoid stress and disturbance while showering. Moreover, there must be an option of changing the flow of water so that we can adjust it according to our preferences.  

  • Shower Cabin 

We must have an independent shower cabin in the bathroom to take the shower. When we do not have a shower cabin, and multiple people use the same bathroom, it becomes difficult for us to use the whole space at the same time. We cannot brush our teeth or wash a face in the basin if someone is showering inside.  

  • Frameless Shower Doors 

A frameless shower door is the most important thing. When we have glass shower screens and doors on our premises, it gives a luxurious touch to our space. It passes the natural light as well, which enlightens the small space and make it look bigger.  

  • Bathtub 

Who does not like to get relaxed when coming back home from work? A hot shower reduces the stress and takes away the tiredness of the whole day at work. The bathtub plays a vital role in doing so. A bathtub has to be there in the bathroom so that we can have the best time of relaxation after work and whenever needed.  

  • Big Commode 

We have seen small commodes in various spaces. It does not give a comfortable seating experience. We need a big seat while sitting on the commode. When we are going to buy a commode, we must concern about the size of the seat. It is useless to buy a small seat commode.  

  • Non-Slippery Matts 

We must have non-slippery Matts on the premises of the bathroom. We know that all aged group people use the bathroom. A small drop of water can prove to be a reason for an unexpected happening. Non-slippery Matts facilitates us to walk on the wet floor.  

  • Toiletries 

We must have all the toiletries available all the time in the premises of our bathroom. We need a shampoo and conditioner while showering. Also, cotton buds, makeup removing pads, razors, soaps, sanitisers, tissue rolls etc. must be available all the time.  

  • Spacious Shower Grates 

We must have spacious shower grates. Stainless steel shower grates are long lasting. The frames have a-holes in them, which drains out the excess water from the shelves. We can keep all our stuff in it as they carry the weight of the bottles. We must prefer the spacious shower grates, as we need to keep the belongings of kids as well.  

  • Cabinet 

We must have a cabinet or a small cabin in the washroom. The reason behind having a cabin; is that we do not want to keep the cleaners and detergents on eh shower grate. They have to be in the enclosures. In addition, we have many things that need to be there in the bathroom like; extra soaps, tissue rolls, towels, etc.  

  • Laundry Basket 

A laundry basket is a peace of mind in the bathroom. We can throw away the used and dirty clothes in the basket. When a pile of clothes is there, we can wash them all at once. We cannot keep the dirty clothes hang in the bathroom.  

  • Long Mirror 

A long mirror in the bathroom helps us in getting ready. We can see our appearance and match the accessories according to the dress.