7 habits to avoid harsh dental procedures

Oral hygiene is one of the most neglected one now a days causing a lot of teeth and gum diseases but it’s the most important one, as research has shown maximum diseases are caused through your mouth. We at Oak Tree Ballarat dental offers a complete package of dental care and guarantees to give your old smile back. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you and if your gums and teeth are hurting or have cavities it will affect your whole personality. Routine dental checkups is not something to be afraid of and ensures lifelong dental health. We provide you with 8 simple tips to avoid having gums and teeth troubles for whole life.  

Brush your teeth twice a day 

Usually 90% people know that brushing your teeth twice a day will keep them healthy and prevent cavities for life time, but very few know the right technique to brushing. Technique is the most important step to ensure maximum protection against germs and bacteria attacking your gums and teeth. Never pick a hard brush for sensitive gums and teeth and always brush gently, aggressive brushing can damage your gums and cause bleeding plus damage enamel of your teeth exposing it to more cavities, which can in return cause harmful bacteria to accumulate on the surface. Brush gently in small circular motion with at least two minutes to ensure maximum cleaning. 

Make habit of flossing once a day 

Flossing your teeth once a day can remove growing bacteria from between the tiny surface of teeth where normal brush can’t reach. Eating throughout the day can cause food to accumulate in between thin gaps and brushing may not remove it properly no matter how much you brush  

Go for dental checkups regularly 

Routine cleaning, polishing and scaling will keep teeth and gums healthy, although scaling is done for extreme plaque accumulation on the surface of tooth, in case of discoloration of teeth dental polishing is done to brighten the teeth. In case of chipped tooth there are teeth reconstruction procedures like fillings and crowns are done depending on the type of problem. Seeing your dentist in Ballarat regularly for routine cleaning will keep your smile bright and shiny 

Quit smoking 

smoking not only leaves permanent stains on teeth but it weakens the immune system and saliva’s self-cleaning property , frequent smoking, drinking tea and eating tobacco are your teeth worse enemies. They play vital role in staining your teeth badly and the stains are so tough that more than 1 or 2 scaling and polishing sessions would be required to clean them. Not only stains but smoking will cause your mouth to smell so bad that you will have to clean your teeth after every smoke. 

Use mouth wash 

Mouth wash not only gives your mouth a cooling sensation but also there are certain mouth washes that are anti-bacterial and gargling about 30 seconds with them kills maximum bacteria. Use some good quality mouth wash after every brush and you can also use them frequently to taste and feel better. It will add up to your oral hygiene and your mouth will smell good and you will have a pleasing and refreshing sensation throughout the day 

Minimise sugary foods and soft drinks 

Consuming sugar will accelerate the rate of cavities by 80%. Sugar is the worst and last thing you should be consuming if you care about your dental health and don’t want to lose your bright smile so soon. It is almost impossible that a cavity does not attack the surface of teeth with has been chewed on sweets, if it is not properly washed and brushed after eating. Also sweets are worse for our health so we should avoid eating them. 

Drink a lot of water. 

Water is a natural cleanser and drinking water is not only beneficial for your health but also act as a cleansing agent for your mouth whenever you drink it. In order to ensure a good health with clean mouth and teeth drink a lot of water as staying hydrated will do wonders for your health, 

Dental health is something most often people ignore, but it can’t be ignored as your teeth are the first thing people notice when you smile and if your gums and teeth are not healthy you will not be able to eat properly for the rest of your life, so start taking care of your teeth today because dental care Is something no one should ever ignore.